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The key factor for success in any WebDesign or Communication project is rigorous project management. This will ensure that the provider's work will fully meet the client's expectations.

Whatever the size of your project, and without increasing the project's timeline, we follow a 5-phase project management method. At the end of each phase, you will recveive a detailed document for your validation and approval.

Phase 1: Project definition. This is the most important phase. During a formal discussions, we will help you analyze your needs, your objectives, your budget. A summary is then given to you, the Project Plan, containing a general presentation of the project, a summary of the expected fuctionalities, a timeframe and a budget.

Phase 2: Design. With the information contained in the Project Plan, we formalize the functional aspects (site map, description of functionalities), as well as the graphical aspects ( visual identity, model site, technical specifications). A summary document is then isssued to you for your approval and validation.

Phase 3: Development. We develop your web project on a test machine, invisble to the public. We perform tests with you, and determine what needs to be corrected. A report is then issued to you, which you will validate before launch.

Phase 4: Launch. Your website goes live: it is hosted, up and running, visible to the public, under your own domain name.

Phase 5:  Maintenance. Your website is alive - it needs to be updated regularly. You must also be sure that backups are performed regularly. You need to keep an eye on statistics, and your web presence. We will set up a maintenance plan with you.

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