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We base our approach on two key concepts:

  • advising you throughout the creation process

  • delivering solutions that match your requirements, and budget

"the web you want, the price you need!"

Many years of IT practice, in various business sectors, have brought us an excellent understanding of the ambitions, needs, priorities and constraints of small-scale businesses

Our goal is to offer you high quality solutions, while keeping the follwing commitments: 

  • to advise and support you throughout the preliminary phase of your project: what type of message should your image send out? which medium should you choose? which technical solution do you need? We help you to identify and formalise your objectives. 

  • to offer you adequate solutions at affordable prices: we priviledge technologies that are easily implemented. In this way, we can offer you reduced development times, increased usability and maintenance... and therefore cut your costs!

  • we relieve you of all technical issues: we deliver turnkey solutions, and offer package solutions for maintaining your project across its life-cycle.

  • should you wish to be more "autonomous", we offer you the necessary training, so that you can carry your projects: website updates, mailings, e-mailings...

  • methodical project management: during the whole creation process, we will detail all the implementation phases, and submit timeframes, checkpoints and follow-up for your approval... and satisfaction.

  • we can deliver your projects in various languages: english, french and italian, other on request.

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